Fitness is a 20 year old DUDE.


If our fitness industry were a person it would be a 20-something year old Dude trying to prove to his friends how cool he is.

This game: who can work harder, lift more regardless of form, run further even with an injury, has nothing to do with health.

Just because you can function on less sleep, tolerate more pain, and consumer more bacon guilt free on your diet – that doesn’t make you healthy.

This Ego bravado that permeates the industry is distracting us from seeing fitness for what it is – our simplest path to a better, happier life.

The Mantra of More

When marketers got a hold of a young fitness industry and tore it from the ream of Athletics, the mantra became “more! more! more!” 

It’s really just a polite way to tell you that you are not enough.

  • More skinny means never skinny enough.
  • More buff means never buff enough.
  • Never training enough,
  • never strong enough,
  • never long enough,
  • never cool enough,
  • never Zen enough,

… is all just you being not enough.

Convincing someone  they are not enough is a popular way to have them buy your solution.

The subtle system that makes us not enough

With this model, we never will be enough. There is no finish line. Just an endless pursuit for more.

Every time we see an impossible ideal: airbrushed images of genetic outliers who’s full time job it is to maintain their physiques, we are being told we are not enough.

When headlines claim fitness and weight loss are easy (“6 simple steps”, “3 minutes abs”, “recipes that melt fat away”) we are being told we are not enough.

When we are teased all day by tastes engineered by teams of scientists to push every evolutionary button we have, then told we just need more will power, we are shown we are not enough.

We are shamed simply by the distance between our lived reality and this fitness-sit-com-fantasy television and advertising have co-created.

No wonder you don’t want to try at this game anymore. You can’t win. Accept that you will never be enough in this system, Walk away and find a new game to play. One that lets you be enough.



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