What if Math was Taught Like Fitness?


What would you think if a math tutoring session unrolled like this?

Imagine …

After years of avoiding math, you finally walk in for a tutoring session.

You are met by a strapping young mathematician, who clearly has the math gene you didn’t get; smarter than you will ever be and not afraid to show it.

It’s an uncomfortable place, the math Lab. Surrounded by people who just seem to belong. Your too big or too little or to old to be here. And your cloths are all wrong.

But they barly seem to notice you, heads down working their way through a never ending sequence of quadratic equations.

Your math trainer assures you that you will be fine if you stick with him as he struts confidentiality through the lab. You feel a little safer at his side, and it feels good. he’s relaxed and confident and fit. Take a deep breath, you can do this.

You just need to show up 3 times a week and do what you are told. You can learn the maths that everyone will admire at a party.

The math training begins with a warm-up. Some seemingly simple equations, you work diligently at while he regales you with tails of all the math he’s done, competition he’s won. He keeps turing up the speed of the work thrown at you until panic starts to set in.

How is this a warm up? If that’s a warm up…what will the session be like !? You glance at the clock. 54 minutes left?

A deep fear sets in  as the real training begins.

Out come the complex equations, he tells you to get your head down and write what he is writing, you have no idea why you are doing what you are doing, but regardless you write with all your might.

The pace quickens, you get sloppy, unable to keep up, afraid to ask questions and spend your last ounces of breath talking. You’re sure you are not doing it right, your hand cramps, every line that passes your work gets less and less legible.

Math man looks un-flustered. He assures you it’s working, just keep writing, Don’t worry about your forms their fine. Just work harder, you’ll be fine. Just work harder, almost done…


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