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Mindfulness + Neuroscience + Ancient Widsom

You can think of MAP like an evolution of Mindfulness Meditation: MEDITATION 2.0

Instead of just witnessing our chattery and stressed out mind, we can do something about it!

Using a pioneering discovery in Neuroscience The MAP Method shows us how to soothe and gently release emotional stress and pain we store in our bodyminds. 
It’s emotional charge that drives our most relentless thinking. When we release the charge, our mind naturally settle.

MAP is simple, gentle, fast and the effects are long lasting.

Using the MAP Method you can: 

  • Calm you mind and achieve deep relaxation
  • UN-learn fears and phobias (often in one session)
  • Deeply release the stress from your day or week
  • Rewrite emotion driven beliefs
  • Overcome subconscious blocks 
  • Upgrade long held family patterns
  • Learn to manage your mind and emotions in a new way

"MAP is consciousness evolving."

Kim Simons,
NeuroCoach and Agent for Conscious Evolution

Must see to believe!

Vinod unlearns a disabling Stutter doctors told him was incurable.  Listen to the difference in how he speaks after just 2 MAP sessions.

What's MAP feel like?

Watch live video of Kristen experiencing her first MAP instructions. MAP process is gentle and effective and unique to you … what will your MAP journey feel like?

You have all the tools you need to MASTER your Conscious MIND. 

What we need is a way to take control of “the other 95%”, the subconscious mind. 

It’s the patterns in here that decide our EMOTIONAL REACTIONS before we do.

MAP lets us calm the sea of emotion around any memory or event.


Meet Kim, Your MAP Teacher and Coach

I spent my 2O’s becoming a Commercial Pilot, My 30’s disabled from autoimmune dis-ease , and my whole life looking for something like MAP…. (learn more about Kim’s story here)

After more than a decade as a coach and trainer on a tireless search for a more effortless and effective way, I can finally say I’ve found it. 

MAP is a bold and elegant tool that lets us take a quantum leap out of conventional therapeutic and coaching models and step DEEP into our own power and ability to self-heal

MAP helps people all over the world

Fears and Phobias, Anxiety, Grief, ANY stress including: Work Stress, Parenting Stress, Medical Stress, Exam Stress, Fear of Flying, Claustrophobia, Fear of Driving or Biking, Fear of Heights, Fear of intimacy, Diagnosis stress, Self-Doubt, Break-up Trauma, Indecision, etc.

If it’s stress, MAP can help.

MAP in the Neuroscience LAB

Play Video

An EEG Study on MAP appears to show a brain self-regulating it’s own stress response, at the same time as it releases stored emotion and rewires long term memory.  

Watch as Jane self-heals a life long fear of heights in one session. 

" I was absolutly floored when I saw these results."

Neuroscientist Dominique Di Loreto

MAP is not psychotherapy

There is no need to share, to talk, tap, be hypnotized or delve deep and relive the stress you are aiming to resolve.

 MAP is a unique approach to Mindfulness Meditation informed by a powerful discovery in Neuroscience and combined with healing wisdom from the Ages.

  • You don’t need to share anything about the issue you are resolving
  • You don’t need to dive deep into the stress or pain
  • MAP is gentle, fast and most often the results are permanent  

During a MAP session we are able to open the Neural Connections that form ‘long-term’ memory. From here you can resolve stored pain and triggers, replacing old outdated emotions with more positive, empowering emotions quickly and gently.

Although the results may be similar to those of some psychotherapeutic approaches, the process of MAP is quite different.


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