Neuroscience + Spirituality = Transformation

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-------- MAP isn't just helping me stammer less; It's helping me step into my life's purpose.

Vinod A.

What is MAP?

MAP is a facilitated session similar to a guided meditation. 

During a MAP session you are able to open the Neural Connections that form ‘long-term’ memory. From here we can quickly resolve stored pain and triggers, replacing old outdated emotions and reactions with more positive, empowering states of mind. 

MAP is private, gentle and quickly creates results that last. 

MAP allows us to overcome the Subconscious blocks that are silently steering our life. 

Once you’ve learn the MAP process you can use it anytime and anywhere to build life with more  happiness, ease and freedom. 

"I was sceptical, but open minded ~ if that's possible... "

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Gillian suffered disabling grief over the tragic loss of a family member for 3 years. This is Gillian 1 week after her first MAP session.

3 months later here’s what she has to say … 

——–  “I’ve had so many breakthroughs since starting with MAP. I feel more in control of my emotions. I feel like a creator instead of victim. I feel more peaceful. I’ve even started meditating regularly for the first time in my life!” 

~Gillian C.

What is MAP?


MAP is a unique approach to Mindfulness Meditation informed by a powerful discovery in Neuroscience.

During a MAP session we are able to open the Neural Connections that form ‘long-term’ memory. From here we can resolve stored pain and triggers, replacing old outdated emotions with more positive, empowering emotions. 

MAP is gentle, quick and deep yet non-invasive. 

MAP sessions do not require us to share or talk about the issues we would like to resolve. We need only remember a hint of the emotion involved for MAP to be effective. 



Map employs a form of inner intelligence that science has not yet “discovered”, yet humans have called upon for Ages. 

This unique inner wisdom knows how heal us perfectly. If we relax and listen, we are lead on a gentle journey that allows us to uncover and release the stored subconscious pain that matters most. Finding and shifting the cause of a problem not one of it’s many consiquences is what creates real breakthroughs in our life. 

MAP does this with the help of your own inner guide. 

Conditions improved with MAP

Stress Related Health Conditions ~ Money and Success Blocks ~ Anxiety ~ Fears and Phobias (snakes, the dark, speaking up) ~  Parenting Stress ~ Grief ~ Car/bike Accident Trauma ~ School Stress ~ Fear of Exams ~ Work Stress ~ Fear of Public Speaking ~ Relationships Stress ~ Heart Break ~ Blocked Creativity ~ Destructive Habits ~ Stress of Chronic Illness ~ Insomnia ~ Frustration ~ Lack of Direction ~ Mindset and Motivation ~ Writers Block ~ Study Habits ~ Fear of Public Speaking ~ Dating Anxiety ~ Self-Confidence ~ Stress of childbirth or loss.

For a more comprehensive list of conditions improved with MAP click here

MAP in a Neuroscience Lab

-------- "I was totally floored when I saw these results"

Dr. Dominic De Loreto (3rd party Neuroscientist)

This is Jane.
Jane owns the brain imaged above.

Jane had a 10 out of 10 extreme phobia of heights. 

We took her to a MALL with a 3 story deep opening in the centre to have a first hand look at her stress response. 

Jane was telling the truth about her phobia.

 She was very, very afraid and physically unable to approach the edge of a 3 story drop.

We apologized to Jane for shaking her up and took her to a nearby neuroscience lab so we could could measure her brain activity while she self-healed this long standing fear.

Once Jane was hooked up to the Q-EEG, we guided her through a MAP session for 50 minutes. 

Turns out Jane had quite a complex phobia. 

At least six emotionally charged beliefs need to be neutralized to fully MAP this long standing phobia. Very few of these beliefs were know to Jane’s conscious mind before her MAP session. 

50 minutes later she was free.

After one MAP session Jane’s fear of heights was self assessed at a “zero or one” out of ten. She was able to approach the edge, hang her head over, even let go of the railing! 


The Brain imaging in Dr. Deloreto’s Lab showed a brain that was rewiring itself at the same time as it was self regulating it’s own stress response. 



Neuroscience + Spirituality = Transformation

Vinod, Jane and Gilian’s lives were at the mercy of a very strong subconscious process despite years trying to overcome it with willpower and other methods aimed at the conscious mind.

With the help of MAP, neuroscience, and their own inner wisdom, they were able to interrupt and neutralize these automatic subconscious patterns. Choosing more relevant, empowered response that reflect the lives they want to live today – not that trauma of their past. 

After a very short time with MAP all three could experience more freedom and happiness, and less suffering in their lives.

You can too.

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MAP your mind. Find your Treasure.