Welcome to bold and innovate way to overcome fear, pain and struggle.

As we enter the year 2023, it’s hard to ignore the growing sense of suffering and disconnection on our beautiful planet.

  • I’m powerless, why bother
  • I’m scared all the time
  • I can’t focus
  • I feel frozen
  • I just can’t connect

Since covid we are more disconnected than ever. Collectively we are scared, sick, sad and suffering. So much so that our old strategies simply aren’t working. 

…And maybe that’s a good thing. 

It’s time for a QUANTUM LEAP in how we address fear, pain and struggle.

What does it feel like to enter expanded awareness and let go? (

Hi, I’m Kim. I teach people how to shift out of fear, anxiety and struggle, and into a truer, more peaceful and empowered way of being…

Simply by entering expanded awareness.

You can think of this work like mindfulness on steroids. By combining a subtle shift in consciousness with a handful of discoveries that birthed the field of neuroscience, we can take a quantum leap in our ability to move through struggle and stay connected to peace. 

From these higher levels of consciousness it’s possible to see subconscious blocks and patterns, uncover hidden truths and finally, lovingly let go of the fears and beliefs that are holding you back. 

If you suffer from states like this, STOP wrestling with your conscious mind!

It’s pointless.
 "You can't solve the problem at the level it was created"

What is Neuro-deprogramming?

This is a meditative journey that uses a series of maps to  lead you into connection with your “higher self”. A level of consciousness that exists beyond painful fearful language based rumination of the thinking mind. By accessing this “super conscious” state we can enter and rewire our subconscious mind, in part by using our body to upgrade the emotional charge associated with the belief or memory. 

Hard to explain, simple to do. 

What is a session like?

Session run between 60 and 90 minutes. After an exploratory conversation about what you want to shift. I walk you into a simple state of expanded awareness. Together we we aim to hold this state while we embark on a journey into your subconscious mind. Our aim: to find and upgrade the memories and beliefs driving your fear and suffering. 

Many find the process both challenging and relaxing.           

Let’s hear from some Neuro-Journeyers

*Amazingly no Psychedelics or other substances were used in the following testimonials. For inquiries about Psychedelic or Ketamine coaching email [email protected]

Situational anxiety ~ “It’s like 10 years of therapy in 6 weeks”

Stuttering ~ “I was not expecting this”  ( watch to 45 sec in)

Free from 3 years of disabling grief

No more anxiety meds

Coaching for world-class coaches

Paralyzing fear of cold calls ~ “That one moment profoundly changed my life.”

Business-crushing fear of networking ~ “It was holding me back in so many places.

My life purpose is to help consciousness evolve away from fear and towards love.

I do this by helping you.

Zoom or phone sessions are available anywhere in the world.

Meet your Co-Pilot

Hi, My Name is KimFor the last 20+ years my passion, obsession and profession has revolved around understanding life, death and consciousness. (I can’t help it…I’m a triple scorpio and a 5 on the enneagram.)

Formerly training and flying in Canada’s remote north …. I know some things about fear, and about panic. Also about courage, heart.

My coaching practice is trauma informed, and draws from the neuroscience and practices behind IFS, Polyvagal Theory, Compassionate Inquiry,  MBT Theory, Psychedelics, Religion, Biblical teaching and a wide range of Folklore. 

 I walk what I talk.

I coach for a world class Ketamine Infusion Clinic and I’m a Master level MAP Coach currently coaching and doing research and development for the MAP Coaching Institute

[email protected] // 647-200-5423 // Toronto Canada and Worldwide