Welcome to bold and innovate way to overcome fear, pain and struggle.

 It”s 2023 on this beautiful, abundant planet earth, and it seems like people are suffering more than ever. 

Collectively we are scared, sick, sad and suffering. 

We have reached the end of where our conscious minds can take us.

It’s time for a quantum leap…

By shifting our level of consciousness we find a way through the pain, fear and stuckness. We enter a world of more peace, power and possibility. A place were healing happens naturally. 

What does a quantum leap feel like?

 Hi, I’m Kim.

I teach people how to harness the power of neuroscience + expanded awareness to rapidly move beyond fear and anxiety, sadness and struggle, stuckness and disconnection.

In this new level of awareness we find more peace, power and purpose. It’s this space that lets us deeply change the source of our suffering;  our conscious and subconscious minds.

What is possible with this work? Let's hear from some clients...

Situational anxiety ~ “It’s like 10 years of therapy in 6 weeks”

Stuttering ~ “I was not expecting this”  ( watch to 45 sec in)

Free from 3 years of disabling grief

No more anxiety meds

Coaching for world-class coaches

Paralyzing fear of cold calls ~ “That one moment profoundly changed my life.”

Business-crushing fear of networking ~ “It was holding me back in so many places.

My life purpose is to help consciousness evolve away from fear and towards love.

I do this by helping you.


Zoom Sessions are available anywhere in the world.

Meet your Breakthrough Coach

Hi, My Name is Kim. I’m a Coach and Neurodeprogrammer. You can think of me as a co-pilot on a journey into your subconscious mind, and an unwavering champion of your evolution

How I got here is quite a tale. My life has been wild and winding. I‘ve been a Commercial Pilot, a Death Doula, digital nomad, a farm hand, and a factory worker. Most recently, I spent a decade as an international health and fitness coach. 

Alongside all of that, I’ve been anxious and depressed, trapped by addiction, lost and hopeless, deeply shrouded in shame and abandonment….and I found a way to get better! 

For the last 6 years my passion and profession has been in the realm of consciousness studies. My coaching practice is IFS and trauma informed, and I’m a Master level MAP Coach currently doing research and development for the MAP Coaching Institute.

[email protected] // 647-200-5423 // Toronto Canada and Worldwide