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The Health/Fitness Industry is Beyond Broken

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North Americans are more sick, more sad and more sore than ever before; despite the astronomical amounts we spend on “health” and wellness.

The system is broken.

Medicine was designed to treat acute injury and illness. Thankfully that’s not what’s killing us anymore. 

Lifestyle Disease is. 

Medicine finds itself ill-equipped ~ because Lifestyle Disease has a Lifestyle Cure. Not a medical cure.

Proven Lifestyle Cures include simple things like exercise, meditation, deep breathing, wholesome food, and community.

Still, a stunning 90% of the USA’s gigantic “health care” budget is spent managing lifestyle diseases with toxic drugs and reactive surgery, just as it would acute illness and injury.

The system is broken. 

Exercise is the single most powerful healing intervention we have. But here in Canada, 80 percent of adults and 90 percent of children aren’t getting the recommended amount of exercise for good health.

I wonder, are you?

I'm here to help you

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It all starts with a proven system.

The Happy Body Program gives you one simple and accessible plan for fitness, food, relaxation, and meditation.

It’s built on a model of sustainability that the planet, and it’s ailing inhabitants need so greatly.

This revolutionary approach to health care and fitness has been changing lives in California for two decades. I’m proud to be Canada’s first certified Mentors.

My aim is to help educate, empower, and unite women (and eventually their partners) to make the lifestyle changes we MUST in order to live our best life.

Coaching is available anywhere in the world.

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