Experience Deep Neural Release

Where would you be
without all the disempowering chatter in your mind?

 You may be asking yourself …. 

I’ve done so much self-help, why am I still so stuck?

Will I always be fixing myself?

How can I serve others when I can’t even help myself?

Watch as people experience their first Neural Release with The MAP Method ™

Welcome to a bold and innovate way to overcome fear and struggle.

You were put on the planet to help, to be a coach, a healer or social change maker, but you are still holding yourself back…

You’re not alone. Helpers on the planet feel stuck right now, perhaps even paralyzed. 

Einstein was right, it’s time to stop trying to solve the problem at the level it was created. Collectively, we’ve reached the end of where we can go with the conscious mind. It’s time to take a quantum leap of consciousness, to step out of the struggle and into a new level of awareness. From this elevated level of consciousness, healing and transformation is not only automatic, it’s inevitable. 

Client Testimonials

My life purpose is to help consciousness evolve away from fear and towards love.

I do this by helping you.


Zoom Sessions are available anywhere in the world.

Meet your guide

Commercial Pilot, Death Doula, Sports and Fitness Coach,  Happy Body Mentor and Advanced MAP Coach currently doing research and development  for the MAP Coaching Institute.

Hi, My Name is Kim. You can think of me as a co-pilot and consciousness navigator. I want to take you on your journey towards authenticity and an elevated state of mind.

If you’re curious about what’s beyond your thinking mind, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s connect for a chat. I’m excited to give you a first hand experience of what mystic and sages have know since the dawn of time; that we are so much more than our mind.

[email protected] // 647-200-5423 // Toronto Canada and Worldwide